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Welcome to Jay Gee's Virtual Briefing Room

It’s time to sit down with Jay Gee and watch our safety briefing video. Remember to listen carefully!


Jay Gee's Virtual Briefing Room

Find yourself a seat, get comfy and listen carefully to Jay gee.

Jump Giants Safety Briefing Video - Important Information

All park visitors who intend to jump MUST watch this video, its very important for your own safety and that of others. The video must be watched before you submit your waiver, as part of the booking process. Watching the video before coming to the park means you no longer have to watch it when you arrive, so more time to focus on having fun!


Covid-19 - Important Information

Watching the safety briefing video online is just one of numerous changes we have made to our safety procedures to make your visit to our Parks safer and in full compliance with government guidelines. Our full range of changes in safety procedures in relation to Covid-19 are as follows:

  • As of Saturday 8th August, face coverings will be mandatory throughout the park for everyone aged 11+ EXCEPT while jumping, eating or drinking
  • Group and session sizes will be restricted to help with social distancing
  • Hand Sanitiser will available
  • Increased cleaning throughout the park and equipment
  • PPE equipment available for our staff
  • Increased signage throughout the park
  • Perspex screens for added protection for customers & staff in our reception and café area
  • A new online booking system has been launched, which allows you to watch the briefing video online at home, so NO more waiting in the briefing room – new waivers will need completing by all jumpers
  • A fifteen-minute break between every jump session, giving us time to sanitise the park and increase social distancing between session times
  • Some Park activities which are designated as 'high touch' areas may be closed off to the public on your visit, in full compliance with the Covid-19 guidelines from the government. Please ask at reception on your visit for more details.

We would ask all customers that now our new booking system is launched to pre book online, watch the briefing video and sign a waiver before arriving. We also recommend using card/contactless payments at the park, but cash will still be accepted on site.


Thank you watching!

It's now time for you to complete your waiver, and then you are all set for your visit to Jump Giants! Simply click on the button above.

Check out our new Online booking Process! Watch our educational video and learn the easy new online booking process, keeping you safe and saving you time when you arrive in our Parks!